Sweetgrass Oil

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Sweetgrass Pure Oil

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Sweetgrass is used as a deep and powerful cleansing for the mind, body and spirit. Among our First Nation’s people this plant is considered sacred, symbolizing the hair of our Earth Mother.  For this reason it is often braided in this acknowledgment, each section carries meaning – mind, body spirit, and as we braid, it is wrapped as one.  Sweetgrass sits in the South representing the color red and ‘Kindness”.
It has been told that the scent of these natural herbs is pleasing to the creator and will incline the Great Spirit to hear the ceremony with favor.  It was also told the, smoke is considered distasteful to all evil beings and diminishes their powers. This plant plays an important role of spiritual significance for it holds strong purification abilities.

As we take the smudge or the oil into our being, we acknowledge the cleansing of our mind, the cleansing of our body, and the cleansing of our spirit.  Lastly we acknowledge the cleaning of our heart.  Adding this purification ritual on a regular basis, will help clear energy and assist in creating sacred space within your self as well as your environment.

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