Unwind with our decadent line of bath salts and indulge in a dead sea salt herbal bath.  This sweet grass blend is our very own ( just like the rest of our products) and very hard to come by.   We infused our medium course dead sea salts with Canadian organic grape seed oil (cold pressed) and a touch of Pure Sweet grass oil and ground herb grass.  The smell takes you directly to the meadow, while the sweet sweet smell  brings in calming and gentle grounding, truly a balanced and powerful healer.  100 % true sweet grass this remedy is traditionally known as an emotional cleanser and spiritual healer, known as a historical medicine throughout the ages.   Also known to bring comfort to stress, depression, and sensitive skin.

Organic Ingredients
Grape Seed Oil
Essential Oils

Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt*, Grape Seed Oil**, Ground Sweet Grass Herb* ( Wild craft), Sweet Grass Pure Oil* ( Wild Craft) .

* Ecocert