Cedar Song Soap Bar

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Cedar soap !! The spirit earth bar. Great as an anti fungal, antibacterial and just when you have a bit extra grease and grit to deal with. Great degreaser. Great for the mechanic and the gardener. 🌱🌱🌱🌱🧼

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Doubled with the benefits of our true soap bar, that is made the old fashion way using the lye process – you will be glad you tried it.  We set these babies to cure for 6 weeks and wrap with a biodegradebale film.  Each soap bar is based with the finest oils around ~ coconut, palm kernel, grape seed, and hemp!  Your body will thank you for using this super moist bar, and the bubble effect is fab – and the best part?? It stays hard even in the shower!!  Say goodbye to those mushy hand made soaps that seem to disengrate the moment they hit water.   The smooth, creamy lather is so rich and decadent that you will never use shaving cream again!  They say its amazing for allergy sensitive skin types and irritations. Some even use this as a natural hair shampoo and facial wash, its that good!  Made with love and by nature…Try a bar today!!

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