Unwind with our decadent line of bath salts and indulge in a dead sea salt herbal bath.  We have infused our medium course dead sea salts with Canadian organic grape seed oil (cold pressed) and a touch of Cedar Leaf essential oil and ground herb leaf.  The smell takes you directly to the deep woods, while the evergreen scent is powerfully cleansing there is a sweetness that brings in calming and grounding, truly a balanced and powerful healer.  100 % true cedar this remedy is traditionally known as an emotional cleanser and spiritual healer, known as a historical medicine throughout the ages.   Also known to bring comfort to stress, depression,  colds, flu, circulation, ulcers, anti fungal, anti insecticidal, and antibacterial.

Organic Ingredients
Grape Seed Oil
Essential Oils

Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt*, Grape Seed Oil**, Ground Cedar Leaf Herb* ( Wild craft), Cedar Leaf Essential Oil* *

* Ecocert