Buffalo Sage Spray

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Liquid Smudge Buffalo White Sage Spray 120 ml.

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Enjoy our Buffalo Sage Smudging Spray for Cleansing and Clearing Energy.  This  (4 ounce)  Liquid Blend is a great alternative to incense, sticks or bundles when you require a smokeless smudge  – Handmade with Love!

The White Buffalo Sage Spiritual Cleansing Spray is a unique spray designed to cleanse toxic energies from your house, workplace or sacred space. Spray it on yourself and others for clarity and protection.  It is especially useful when you do not want to smudge and create smoke. Spray it everywhere and on everyone.  Our customers say it is the best Sage smudge spray they have ever used!

Ingredients: Spring water, white sage essential oil, witch hazel.

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