Unwind with our decadent line of bath salts and indulge in a dead sea salt herbal bath.  We have infused our medium course dead sea salts with Canadian organic grape seed oil (cold pressed) and a touch of our Blueberry Sage Essential Oil Synergy Blend.  The smell is out of this world.  Known to bring in relaxation and balancing energies, and take care of those aches and pains while bringing in the natural stimulation to get that circulation going.   This blend also has major antioxidant healing properties produced by the blueberry extracts..  We added a touch of blue corn flower to bring in that sensual side.

Organic Ingredients
Grape Seed Oil
Essential Oils

Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt*, Grape Seed Oil**, Corn Flower * ( Wild craft), Blueberry Extract*, White Sage Essential Oil**.

* Ecocert