• Cold & Flu Tea 30 g

    Known to traditionally relieve symptoms of cold and flu. Drink 3 cups a day for the best results.

    $18.00 CAD
  • Sweetgrass Oil Pure

    Sweetgrass Pure Oil

    15 ml



    $28.00 CAD
  • Mini Smudge Kit

    Small smudging kit- contains 5 pieces and a pouch.

    $45.00 CAD

    $16.95 CAD
  • LOOSE SAGE 1/2 Pound

    $35.00 CAD
  • Moontime Tea 30 g

    Does your menstrual cycle bring discomfort, irritability, and bloating? Then this is your tea! Drink 3 times daily while symptoms are present.

    $18.00 CAD
  • Chaga Tea 200 g

    Loaded with antioxidants, chaga is packed and blows the highly sought after tropical fruits such as acai, pomegranates, and even goji berries right out of the water.

    $48.00 CAD
  • Sale!

    Essential Oil Trio

    Indigenous aromatherapy at its finest, enjoy this combo deal of Spirit Earths very own Sweetgrass, Sage and Cedar essential oils

    $75.00 CAD
  • Smudge Kits

    Our smudge kits come in a Kraft box with window. Inside they contain an extra large white sage stick, white cedar stick, sweetgrass spray, an abalone shell, a gemstone 💎 and a hemp muslin pouch filled with locally grown Organic Virginia Flue Cured Canadian whole leaf tobacco. All items have been sourced by our own local indigenous crafters and purchased ethically and sustainably. Now available for purchase.

    $75.00 CAD
  • Calm Mind Tea 30 g

    Having trouble getting to getting to sleep? Dealing with stress, anxiety and worry? Need help easing your mind?…Then this is the tea for you! Drink 30 minutes before bed time for the best results, or when you need to relax and unwind!

    $18.00 CAD
  • Arthritis Tea 30 g

    May be known to reduce pain and inflammation if taken for a consistent time period along with other lifestyle changes.

    $18.00 CAD
  • Diabetic Tea 30 g

    This tea may ease your blood sugar levels into a manageable range when drank consistently along with other lifestyle changes.

    $18.00 CAD
  • Detox Tea 30 g

    A natural remedy known to assist with the elimination of toxins.

    $18.00 CAD
  • Labrador Tea 30 g

    Labrador tea is found in much of Northern Canada in wet acidic soil, also found in peat bogs to the south.

    $14.00 CAD