• Sweet Grass Aromatherapy Spray

    Pure Sweetgrass oil infused in Witch Hazel and Spring Water.  Used on the body or in the room as liquid smudge.

    $17.00 CAD
  • Wild Chokecherry Aromatherapy Spray

    The aromatherapy therapy benefits will uplift your mood and bring enlightenment.  One of our favourable scents available.

    $17.00 CAD
  • 4 Medicine Blend Aromatherapy Spray

    Spirit Earth combines and infuses 4 sacred medicines to create our 4 medicine spray.  A great combination for the spiritual minded person .. 120 ml

    $17.00 CAD
  • Cedar Song Aromatherapy Spray 120ml

    Try our Cedar Song Blend today.  Use as a room or body spray cedar.   Used widely by Indigenous people to cleanse and protect.  Also a great anti fungal and antibacterial and anti insecticidal.

    $17.00 CAD
  • Blueberry Sage Aromatherapy Spray 120ml

    Blueberry sage spray is great as a balancer and to clear negative energies.  Also a great form of antioxidant enhancement for the skin.  Use as a room or body spray to retreat into aromatic bliss.

    $17.00 CAD
  • Dreamcatcher Aromatherapy Spray 120ml

    Our Dreamcatcher aromatherapy spray is infused with ylang ylang, citrus, lavender and patchouli.  Spray on the body or in the room.  The synergy is great for relaxation, calming and grounding  energy while, enhancing your sensual side.

    $17.00 CAD
  • Buffalo Sage Spray

    Liquid Smudge Buffalo White Sage Spray 120 ml.

    $17.00 CAD
  • Buzz OFF natural bug repel 250ml

    Keep away those pesty mosquitos, black flies and even ticks this summer with our tried and proven synerygy of essential oils!  We packed this baby full of 7 essential oils, and some witch hazel.  Customers are raving because it works amazing!   Child safe and Pet friendly this item is a must for summer and great for the entire family!   Now available in a lotion bar.

    $24.00 CAD
  • Aromatherapy Spritzer Collection

    Sample our full line of sprays with this sample pack!!

    $45.00 CAD