• Lavender Soap Bar

    Try our hand crafted artisan soap today. Lavender is an excellent choice for sensitive skin and mild acne, blemishes or eczema.  Also a great choice for babies and children.   You will love the lavender essentials and the luscious lather 🧼

    $7.50 CAD
  • cedar soaps cut_edited.jpg

    Cedar Song Soap Bar

    Cedar soap !! The spirit earth bar. Great as an anti fungal, antibacterial and just when you have a bit extra grease and grit to deal with. Great degreaser. Great for the mechanic and the gardener. 🌱🌱🌱🌱🧼

    $7.50 CAD
  • Dreamcatcher Soap Bar

    Our signature blend Dreamcatcher . Infused with ylang ylang, patchouli and more wonderful Delicious goodness. #dreamcatcher #artisansoap #sehinc

    $7.50 CAD
  • 15-8-19-4648_edited.jpg

    Buffalo Sage Soap Bar

    Buffalo sage soap !! Amazing. A shower that is a cleansing smudge at that same time. We left some sage herb to also give u a nice pumice effect. Enjoy a bar 🙂

    $7.50 CAD
  • Tea Tree Soap Bar

    Everyday Uses for Tea Tree Oil
    • Hand Sanitizer. Tea tree oil makes an ideal natural hand sanitizer. …
    • Insect Repellent. Tea tree oil may help keep pesky insects away. …
    • Natural Deodorant. …
    • Antiseptic for Minor Cuts and Scrapes. …
    • Boost Wound Healing. …
    • Fight Acne. …
    • Get Rid of Nail Fungus. …
    $7.50 CAD
  • 13-8-19-5602.jpg

    Medicine Man Soap Bar

    Our exclusive medicine man synergy infused with osha root, cinnamon, juniper berry, lemon to name a few!! It’s a one of kind healing scent, a tad medicinal and very energizing. Great for an all over body wash and also shaving !!

    $7.50 CAD
  • Blueberry Sage Soap Bar

    Try our blueberry sage soap blend today and soak in all the antioxidants and balancing properties this bar has to offer !!

    $7.50 CAD
  • Wild Chokecherry Soap

    Hand crafted on Oneida Nation of the Thames using wild craft ingredients .. this is a true soap bar and eco friendly !

    $7.50 CAD
  • Soap Deal! Package of 8

    Package of 8 artisan soaps !

    $50.00 CAD
  • Wild Chokecherry Candle – Building Bundles Featured Product

    The Spirit Earth “Building Bundles” program is now launching. Spirit Earth will be doing a featured product for the month of June and donating 100% of sales back to a local FN Group/ Initiative, or Person that is working towards Unkwehuwe Resiliency through Language and Culture, Healing and Wellness, Agriculture and/or Land Based Sustainability, The Arts and Education, An Elder Helper/Homemaker, Sobriety/Addictions Awareness and or Recovery Excellence. Our Team will be accepting nominations until June 21st and the winner will receive 100% of the cash proceeds on June 31st 2021. The “Building Bundles” program will be done quarterly each year in June, September, December, and March.
    Must be FN
    Nominations must come in the form of a mission statement for group or bio for individual… with links, pictures and stories, of their latest works, accomplishments and honours . This can be sent to spiritearthholistics@gmail.com
    The Featured Product for June 2021 is The Wild Chokecherry Candle $15.00

    $15.00 CAD