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    4 Direction Soap Bar

    Ingredients: Sustainable coconut and palm, grapeseed oil and hemp oil. All ingredients are eco friendly and certified sustainable by Friends of the Earth.

    $10.00 CAD
  • Acne Away Soap Bar

    Ingredients, sustainable coconut and palm, grapeseed oil and hemp oil, All ingredients are certified sustainable by friends of the earth.

    $10.00 CAD
  • Blueberry Sage Soap Bar

    Try our blueberry sage soap blend today and soak in all the antioxidants and balancing properties this bar has to offer !!

    $10.00 CAD
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    Buffalo Sage Soap Bar

    Buffalo sage soap !! Amazing. A shower that is a cleansing smudge at that same time. We left some sage herb to also give u a nice pumice effect. Enjoy a bar 🙂

    $10.00 CAD
  • cedar soaps cut_edited.jpg

    Cedar Song Soap Bar

    Cedar soap !! The spirit earth bar. Great as an anti fungal, antibacterial and just when you have a bit extra grease and grit to deal with. Great degreaser. Great for the mechanic and the gardener. 🌱🌱🌱🌱🧼

    $10.00 CAD
  • Earth Mami

    $10.00 CAD
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    Indian Summer Soap Bar

    Our signature blend Indian Summer. Infused with coconut, lime, banana and more wonderful Delicious goodness. #indiansummer #artisansoap #sehinc

    $10.00 CAD
  • Lavender Soap Bar

    Try our hand crafted artisan soap today. Lavender is an excellent choice for sensitive skin and mild acne, blemishes or eczema.  Also a great choice for babies and children.   You will love the lavender essentials and the luscious lather 🧼

    $10.00 CAD
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    Lemongrass and Sage Soap

    Ingredients: sustainable coconut, palm, grapeseed and hemp oil. All ingredients are certified sustainable by friends of the earth.

    $10.00 CAD
  • 13-8-19-5602.jpg

    Medicine Man Soap Bar

    Our exclusive medicine man synergy infused with osha root, cinnamon, juniper berry, lemon to name a few!! It’s a one of kind healing scent, a tad medicinal and very energizing. Great for an all over body wash and also shaving !!

    $10.00 CAD
  • Moonglo Soap

    $10.00 CAD
  • Wild Chokecherry Soap

    Hand crafted on Oneida Nation of the Thames using wild craft ingredients .. this is a true soap bar and eco friendly !

    $10.00 CAD